Evaluation Comments

APD Event – Succeeding Professionally, Growing Personally


A Few Attendee Evaluation Form Comments


What learning session ideas impacted you the most / made the most profound impression?


Kellianne Smith and becoming an eagle; Nim DeSwardt and branding yourself - L. Hollis


It has propelled me to make some changes in my life that will better prepare me for my future


Setting goals and speaking affirmative words over myself


Kellianne Smith was excellent!!! Fly with eagles, Nim DeSwardt and get connected


Kellianne Smith, enjoyed her passion and inspiration, Communication with Linda Smith and Nim with Millennial’s presentation – D. Hartley


Soar like and eagle with Kellianne Smith, and not a pigeon


Get CAP certified


Don’t be afraid to take risks, be confident – A. Miller   


The presenters to the point discussions of important points, enjoyable atmosphere


Brand you and soaring like an eagle – K. Simmons


The administrative professional as a leader


Kellianne Smith – Argus Group, an awesome presentation! – R. Perry


Kellianne Smith’s session on the administrative professional


Review self for strengths and weaknesses


I will go into the office with a new dynamic and reenergized spirit


Put all I have learned to use


Kellianne Smith really spoke to me, her presentation was DYNAMIC.  She got the group excited and kept the energy level high – T. Lupparelli


Nim DeSwardt’s Brand You and Kellianne Smith


All of the speakers and their materials – LMDH


I was very inspired to develop a leadership mindset – Alea


Kellianne Smith by far moved me to tears, she was great and I can’t wait to start being an eagle


All of the speakers were excellent – V. Brown


Hearing inspirational and motivating speeches from a diverse group of people – Ellissa


Kellianne Smith was powerful and motivating


All of the inspirational speakers and how like minded they were.  How their presentations intertwined and overlapped such as to make the whole day an amazing experience.  Opening the way to networking with other Administrator eagles – S. Trott


Barbara Weathers – secrets for success


I got a chance to meet new people and hear some of the most dynamic speeches I have ever heard – P. Brangman


I enjoyed all of the female empowerment and discussions / facts about the future


The importance of civility, certification and self branding in the job market of the future – T. Redman


Extremely interesting knowledge attained, enlightening and life changing


Understanding your importance and how your own validation is vital and to keep pushing your limits


Soar like and eagle, avoid negativity, don’t be a duck or pigeon


How important certification is


Interacting with people from different working environments


Stop Procrastinating!


All speakers had a great unique message to share


I am an eagle no matter what happens

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