The seminar has made me aware of the CAP certification and I’m interested.  Can you assist me with what I need and what steps I should to take in order to get the process started?  Also would it be possible to get Ms. Kellianne Smith’s email.  I would like to reach out to her as her presentation touched me the most. Thanks for your time - Tiffany Smith, Bermuda Financial Network


It was a truly amazing event full of motivation for all in attendance – Barbara Weathers, Certification Manager, International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) 


Thank you William for inviting me to speak at the APD event.     I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was awe inspiring  to witness professional women who took the time to invest in their own professional and personal development.    Everyone is still talking about it and its created quite a buzz in the organization. You must feel so proud of this successful event.  I would concur with several of the comments shared below in that we must raise the perception and appreciation for  Admins.  In today’s economic environment, admin teams are shrinking, budgets are tighter than ever, and (as always) the pace  and complexity of business is ever increasing. That means the professional administrator  is constantly trying to “do more with less.”   As a result, businesses need to be focused with increasing employee engagement amongst their administrators.   Doing so will help to develop and retain high-quality professionals in this critical role.   At the same time, business leaders need to be focused on developing  strategic partnerships with their  professional admins.      Barbara, Linda , Pandora and Nim it was an honor to be in your company and I wish the very best in your career endeavors.    May you continue to SOAR - Kellianne Smith, Head of Global HR & Organizational Development, The Argus Group


Hi William and all you super women! Well done – I enjoyed reading these comments, it was a fantastic event for the Bermuda community. Thank you for the opportunity to speak yesterday at the successful event. High five! - Cheers, Nim De Swardt, Global Millennials Manager, Bacardi


Dear Barbara, I just wanted to send a personal thank you for the awesome presentation you gave yesterday at the “Succeeding Professionally, Growing Personally” IAAP conference at the Southampton Princess Hotel. You, along with the other great speakers have inspired me the move forward in becoming a better me! Thank you for enlightening us and motivating us to enhance not only our careers, but also our personal lives.  I received my CAP-OM in 2009 and have attended several IAAP conferences, and I now feel empowered to do more. I am looking for ways to get more involved with IAAP Bermuda. Once again, thanks so much for making the Administrative Professionals Day an inspiring one - Best regards, Trina Todd, CAP, OM - Bacardi Limited


Good morning William: I have received several good remarks regarding the function and trust that this event will be presented again next year – Regards, Linda R. Simons, Department of Financial Assistance


Hi William, I really enjoyed the event - great participation, the speakers were awesome. It was very well put together - a first class event, I totally enjoyed it. You all did an excellent job! I will be pushing it for all our admins next year. It was extremely motivational. Best, Arlene Simmons, Hamilton Re

Good Morning William, Thanks for the experience. I was shocked at the amount of note taking my staff did - they are pumped. Regards, Pandora Glasford, Training Manager, The Department of Workforce Development


Thank you for sharing Ms Jones.  We are excited that the learning experience impacted you in such a way. Keep us abreast of any other developments within your journey. Best, William


Good Day - I just wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful event that you put on yesterday.  It exceeded my expectations. The speakers were all excellent and I came away with a new sense of purpose of what I need to do for myself and my career in the administration field.  Kind regards, Eulene Jones, Chubb Tempest Re


Wow! Thank you William for inviting me to be  part of this.  All the speakers were a great inspiration and wonderful women to meet! Best, Linda Smith, IABC Accredited, Senior Vice President Corporate Relations, Ascendant Group Limited

I too found the day to be motivational and inspiring.  The event was well organized and coordinated.  Job well done William to you and your team and to everyone who took the time out to invest in themselves and acquire the knowledge presented! My Take Away:  I found much value in Barbara’s suggestion about renaming titles.  There is certainly a stigma around administrative work and although duties and responsibilities are evolving and increasing, pay in many organizations is not, which makes the position less alluring for many career seekers.  That along with the idea that intellect and know-how is not a requirement to function in the role.  People also have limiting beliefs that administrative roles only exist in lower level, and low paying positions which is contrary to the truth.  At Bacardi we have administrative positions that are high paying and some of our EA’s have ascended to directors.  We also have a Chief Administrative Officer.    It would be nice to hear from an HR perspective the career possibilities in administration and the heights (position and pay) that one can reach with determination, designations/certifications and further education. There is potential and promise in the profession it just needs to be highlighted.  People overlook the possibilities.  The statistics provided were enlightening and the access to funding comforting it was also interesting to hear the perspectives on the millennial generation and the observance of how misunderstood they are.  There is an education required in that regard as well to bridge the disconnect.  Education is always key to progress, change and the eradication/dilution of stigmas.  In the meantime we must continue to spread our wings broadly and soar to the highest heights of our profession.  I also see the importance of stressing that certifications require staying current with trends and advances in the profession which sets the certified ahead and apart from the rest.  Get your Eagle on! And pimp your ‘brand’ - Sumaya Lambe, Bacardi


Good day William, I have attended many APD Conferences over the past 15 years, but the one yesterday has definitely left the greatest impact on me.   WELL DONE!!!   Congratulations on obtaining your CAP Certification !!! Regards, Francine Dill, Bermuda Hospitals Board


Hi Connie - Thank you for such a heart-felt communication that reflects your teams take-a-ways from Wed's APD learning experience. We have received so many congrats mails and calls from attendees but your mail stands stellar. As you know we are committed to changing the admin dialogue in a variety of ways and look forward to engaging C-suite members as well as admins in new ways to bring a real focus on admin value within the industry. At the core of these conversations lies an admin commitment to life-long learning and skill re-engineering to not just meet but exceed marketplace expectations. We look forward to speaking with you again. Please let your team know that we started the next CAP study group last night for the Sept. exam. Not too late to join. Thank you again for your leadership in pulling together the BHB admins. Best, William


Good morning William! - I would like to express thanks, on behalf of the Administrative Professional attendees of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, for the wonderful, motivating and informative Administrative Professionals Day Event held yesterday at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel.  Our group was very inspired, and we will strive to be ‘Eagles’ going forward!  All of the presenters were awesome – clear and concise, down-to-earth, encouraging, supportive, and most of all, motivating!  The lunch was delicious, the Fashion Show was a great enhancement, the raffles a nice touch, and the whole day was organized and on point – a top notch event!  It was very interesting learning about the role and responsibilities of the Department of Workforce Development, and the key employment trends in Bermuda and the US for the administrative profession.  Kellianne was truly on point with her presentation, encouraging us to SOAR!  Linda, Barbara, Nim - all the presenters brought something different to the table, but they all tied in to us understanding the worthiness of our profession, and left us feeling proud of being Administrative Professionals!  You have done a magnificent job in pulling this together – you deserve to feel proud!  Congratulations on a job well done!  I hope the Event continues in the years to come, so that more Admin Professionals from the BHB and other organizations can attend for the much needed encouragement and support needed by most of us, and thus enabling us to SOAR in our noble profession! May God continue to bless you! – Connie Hill, Bermuda Hospitals Board 


Thanks for your message Velda.  I too found the day to be very enlightening and enjoyable. Great job William! J The only suggestion I could make would be to have it be a 2-day event, and perhaps invite more representation from the managerial/executive side so that they can “learn” more of an appreciation for administrative professionals. Sherlene, you were spot on with your comment about how the profession does not get the respect it deserves from many people. Just before you said it, my friend and I were discussing exactly that - Kind regards, Lisa Lambert, CAP - Novartis International

Pharmaceutical Ltd.


Hi William - Thanks for putting on an amazing event yesterday.  I have heard nothing but great comments.  Everyone is looking forward to the next one!! – Karon Glenn, CAP, OM - Bacardi


Good morning William and Good morning All! - I thoroughly enjoyed the day with you all, yesterday. The thought provoking information from all of the presenters. Especially when it was reiterated a few time of the age category of 50 – 65.  I have a better understanding of what it will take to be an “Eagle” and to make sure my “Brand You” is above the rest. William, “You did a fantastic job”.  Looking forward to the next one. Kind regards, Velda Franco, CAP CTA, Partner Re


Hi Billy: Thank you for organizing such a great event today. I'm sure everyone was able to come away with something that will enhance their skills – Thanks, Kathie Richardson, Markel Global Reinsurance

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