CAP Certification/Exam

2018 Exam Details, Dates and Deadlines

Exam Dates

March 28-April 15, 2019

September 19 - October 8, 2019

Application Due Date

February 28, 2019

August 16, 2019

Late Application Due Date

March 14, 2019

August 30, 2019

Exam Scheduling Begins

February 25, 2019

August 19, 2019


Number of questions: Approximately 300
Format: Multiple-choice
Length: 3 1/2 hours
Modality: Computer-based
Testing Provider: Assessment Systems

Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Study Group & General Information

Author: William Spriggs CMA, CAP


The following information helps HR Mangers and organization decision makers understand the benefits of financially supporting their Administrative Professionals in their desire to participate within the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Study Group, which runs from Mar. 28 through September 26, 2019.  The CAP Study Group is designed to support member administrators with passing the rigorous International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) CAP Exam offered twice per year, which allows successful administrators to use the letters CAP behind their name.  The CAP certification is the most robust administrative certification/accreditation offered within North America and Caribbean.   Earning a CAP certification credential demonstrates your aptitude as an administrative and office support professional. It reflects your achievement and commitment to excellence through life-long learning. It's an investment in your career that shows employers, coworkers, customers, and clients your commitment to the profession.



For the past 4 years I have led local administrative professional study groups through a 3-5 month knowledge retention process that focuses on the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Body of Knowledge (BoK) areas; the latter being the 6 Domain testable material within the CAP exam (see below BoK detail). To date, I have coached 5 study cohorts resulting in 26 CAP awardee successes; All 5 members of the 3rd study group passed the CAP exam and 11 out of 16 exam takers passed the October 2018 CAP exam.  If you attend 80% of the study group sessions, practice the study techniques shared and apply yourself in a disciplined way you will pass the CAP exam.  Our past study group experiences have proven this.

Study Group Process / Key Information  

The key work strategy within the study group is to summarize the CAP study guide and the supplemental college textbooks (listed in the BoK), as the exam cannot be passed with the IAAP CAP Study Guide alone, (per IAAP).  I have summarized the 2016 college texts and organized the material in a way that neatly rolls out week to week until the Oct. 2019 CAP exam, which can be taken anytime between Sept. 19 and Oct. 8, 2019 (see exam ont ).  I have also developed a bank of 750+ proprietary typical quiz/exam questions which are a core focus as the weekly quizzes put study group members in exam conditions. I continually develop quiz questions around the testable material and enjoy doing this.  

Do note that anyone can purchase a CAP study guide from IAAP and study on their own; but they would have to source the additional supplementary college text book materials which isn’t easy as it would have to be via a rent-a-textbook site as the texts are $1,500 plus to purchase; securing access to a rent-a-text site is also challenging as most sites don’t have all of the texts; then one would have to identify the Domain Performance Outcome material within the average 300 page text (thinks weeks of work just to do this).  Further, there is the challenge of disciplining oneself to navigate through the vast amount of study material in an organized way so as to have a firm grasp of the BoK testable material in time for the exam; in my experience most administrators haven’t been in a formal classroom for quite a while so the study process itself is a challenge; the additional element of not being given all of the study materials in one guide/book makes the whole affair that much more daunting – but that is the way IAAP has structured the CAP exam at this time.  Their reasoning is that the internationally certified CAP exam tests a wide BoK from a variety of sources, in the likes of any professional exam which enables a successful candidate to put letters behind their name. 


Study Group

I manage all of the above challenges for the CAP study group member and provide a understandable study system for passing the CAP exam.  The prerequisites for success are a hard work ethic, positive attitude and persistence to overcome any personal challenges that interfere with one’s commitment to attend study group sessions and work with all study group materials.  Consistent hard work is at the foundation of passing the CAP exam.   


Study Group Meeting Schedule

Study group meeting days will be on Thursdays; meetings will start off being twice per month or every other Thursday evening (5:30 to 7pm in Hamilton) until June and then weekly from July till September.    



In our experience, most companies pay 100% or the majority of all fees for their administrative professionals. Email for Admin Excellence study group and IAAP membership/study guide/exam fees.


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